Replacement battery for Makita 193060-0 193101-2 193158-3 193781-4 2000mAh

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This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! 14.40V (Compatible with 14.80V) 2000mAh replacement Power Tools battery for Makita 193060-0, 193101-2, 193158-3, 193781-4, It is easy to use, convenient to carry with, A great assistant for electric tools.

Replaces the following Makita battery model:
Makita 193060-0, 193101-2, 193158-3, 193781-4

Compatible with Power Tools models:
Makita 4191DWD, 4332D, 5094DWD, 5630DWD, 6280D, 6339DWDE, 6381D, 6933FD, 8280D, ML140(Flashlight), ML143(Flashlight), UC120DWDE, VR250DWDE 1051D, 1051DWD, 1051DWDE, 1051DWF, 1051DWFE, 1051DZ 4033D, 4033DZ 4333D, 4333DWD, 4333DWDE 6228D, 6228DW, 6228DWBE 6233D, 6233DWBE 6236DWBE, 6236DWDE 6237D, 6237DWDE, 6237DWDLE 6281D, 6281DWPE 6333D, 6333DWBE 6336D, 6336DWB, 6336DWBE, 6336DWDE 6337D, 6337DWDE, 6337DWFE 6932FD, 6932FDWDE 6934FD, 6934FDWFE 6935FDWDE, 6935FDWDEX, 6935FDWFE, 6935FDZ 8433D, 8433DWDE, 8433DWFE JR140D, JR140DWB, JR140DWBE, JR140DWD UB140D, UB140DWB

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Voltage: 14.40V (Compatible with 14.80V)
◆ Capacity: 2000mAh / 3500mAh
◆ Battery Type: Ni-MH
◆ Dimension: 94.23 x 93.80 x 102.90 mm

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 30 August, 2018.

2000mAh Replacement Power Tools battery for Makita 193060-0, 193101-2, 193158-3, 193781-4