4800mAh Replacement Laptop Battery for Toshiba PA3612U-1BAS PA3612U-1BRS

Price: £59.89

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! 10.80V 4800mAh replacement/equivalent Rechargeable Li-ion battery is 100% compatible with Toshiba PA3612U-1BAS PA3612U-1BRS, Brand new, one year warranty!

Replaces the following Toshiba battery part numbers:
PA3612U-1BAS, PA3612U-1BRS

Compatible with the following Toshiba Laptop models:
For Toshiba Portege A601, Portege A602, Portege R501, Portege R502 Portege R505 Series Dynabook NX Series Dynabook NX/76GBL, Dynabook NX/76GPK, Dynabook NX/76GWH, Dynabook NX/76JBL, Dynabook NX/76JPK, Dynabook NX/76JWH Dynabook NX/78GBL, Dynabook NX/78JBL, Dynabook NX/78JWH, Dynabook NXW/76HBW, Dynabook NXW/76HPW, Dynabook NXW/78JBW, Dynabook NXW/78JPW Dynabook SS RX1 Series Dynabook SS RX1 SA106E/2W, Dynabook SS RX1 SE120E/2W, Dynabook SS RX1 TA106E/2W, Dynabook SS RX1 TE120E/2W, Dynabook SS RX1/S7A, Dynabook SS RX1/S7E, Dynabook SS RX1/T7A, Dynabook SS RX1/T7E, Dynabook SS RX1/T8A, Dynabook SS RX1/T8E, Dynabook SS RX1/T9A, Dynabook SS RX1/T9E, Dynabook SS RX1/W7A Dynabook SS RX2 Series Dynabook SS RX2/E5H, Dynabook SS RX2/E7H, Dynabook SS RX2/S7G, Dynabook SS RX2/S7H, Dynabook SS RX2/T7G, Dynabook SS RX2/T7GG, Dynabook SS RX2/T7H, Dynabook SS RX2/T7HG, Dynabook SS RX2/T7J, Dynabook SS RX2/T8G, Dynabook SS RX2/T8GG, Dynabook SS RX2/T8H, Dynabook SS RX2/T8HG, Dynabook SS RX2/T8J, Dynabook SS RX2/T8JG, Dynabook SS RX2/T9G, Dynabook SS RX2/T9GG, Dynabook SS RX2/T9H, Dynabook SS RX2/T9HG, Dynabook SS RX2/T9J, Dynabook SS RX2/T9L, Dynabook SS RX2/W7H, Dynabook SS RX2/W7HG, Dynabook SS RX2/W7J, Dynabook SS RX2/W9H, Dynabook SS RX2/W9J, Dynabook SS RX2/WAJ, Dynabook SS RX2RX2L/T5L, Dynabook SS RX2RX2L/T6L Portege A600 Series Portege A600-003, Portege A600-01K, Portege A600-024, Portege A600-02H, Portege A600-02J, Portege A600-122, Portege A600-12O, Portege A600-12X, Portege A600-12Y, Portege A600-132, Portege A600-13X, Portege A600-13Y, Portege A600-13Z, Portege A600-142, Portege A600-143, Portege A600-14C, Portege A600-152, Portege A600-161, Portege A600-16N, Portege A600-16P, Portege A600-16Q, Portege A600-600, Portege A600-EC1, Portege A600-S2201, Portege A600-ST2230, Portege A600-ST2231, Portege A600-ST2232, Portege A600-ST4203 Portege A605 Series Portege A605-P200, Portege A605-P201, Portege A605-P205, Portege A605-P210 Portege R500 Series Portege R500-00V, Portege R500-02G, Portege R500-100, Portege R500-106, Portege R500-10I, Portege R500-10J, Portege R500-10K, Portege R500-10M, Portege R500-10N, Portege R500-10U, Portege R500-110, Portege R500-11B, Portege R500-11C, Portege R500-11F, Portege R500-11H, Portege R500-11I, Portege R500-11J, Portege R500-11K, Portege R500-11L, Portege R500-11N, Portege R500-11T, Portege R500-11X, Portege R500-11Y, Portege R500-11Z, Portege R500-121, Portege R500-124, Portege R500-125, Portege R500-126, Portege R500-127, Portege R500-12H, Portege R500-12I, Portege R500-12J, Portege R500-12N, Portege R500-12P, Portege R500-12Q, Portege R500-12S, Portege R500-131, Portege R500-135, Portege R500-3G11K, Portege R500-3G125, Portege R500-S5001X, Portege R500-S5002, Portege R500-S5002X, Portege R500-S5003, Portege R500-S5004, Portege R500-S5005, Portege R500-S5006V, Portege R500-S5006X, Portege R500-S5007V, Portege R500-S5008X, Portege R500-S8199, Portege R500-SP1, Portege R500-SP2 Portege R600 Series Portege R600-014, Portege R600-02J, Portege R600-02P, Portege R600-02V, Portege R600-037, Portege R600-038, Portege R600-03F, Portege R600-101, Portege R600-102, Portege R600-108, Portege R600-10F, Portege R600-10M, Portege R600-10Q, Portege R600-10S, Portege R600-10T, Portege R600-11Q, Portege R600-12F, Portege R600-12G, Portege R600-12L, Portege R600-12N, Portege R600-12V, Portege R600-12Z, Portege R600-136, Portege R600-13X, Portege R600-13Z, Portege R600-140, Portege R600-143, Portege R600-147, Portege R600-149, Portege R600-S4201, Portege R600-S4211, Portege R600-S4212, Portege R600-S4213, Portege R600-S4202, Portege R600-ST4203, Portege R600-ST520W, Portege R600-VH3, Portege R600-Westing house NW

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Voltage: 10.80V
◆ Capacity: 4800mAh
◆ Dimension: 205.30 x 47.50 x 19.85 mm
◆ Battery Composition: Li-ion
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ No memory effect, Over-charge protection, Short-circuit protection.

If your battery part NO. or your machine model NO. are not listed in the description, our battery may still fit your laptop. Therefore, please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 November, 2018.

4800mAh Replacement battery for Toshiba PA3612U-1BAS, PA3612U-1BRS