Replacement battery for Casio NP-80 NP-82 NP-82DBA Exilim EX-H60 EX-H60BK EX-H60RD EX-H60WE

Price: £18.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! Our NP-80 NP-82 NP-82DBA Replacement battery for Casio EX-H60 EX-H60BK EX-H60RD EX-H60WE EX-S9 cameras is designed and tested for high performance and safety.

Replaces the following Casio battery model:
Casio NP-80, NP-82, NP-82DBA

Compatible with cameras models:
CASIO Exilim EX-H60, Exilim EX-H60BK, Exilim EX-H60RD, Exilim EX-H60WE, Exilim EX-S9, Exilim EX-Z1, Exilim EX-Z115, Exilim EX-Z2, Exilim EX-Z27, Exilim EX-Z270, Exilim EX-Z32, Exilim EX-Z330, Exilim EX-Z335, Exilim EX-Z350, Exilim EX-Z88, Exilim EX-ZS170, Exilim EX-ZS170GD, Exilim EX-ZS170PK, Exilim EX-ZS200, Exilim EX-ZS30, Exilim QV-R70, Exilim QV-R80, Exilim Zoom EX-Z26, Exilim Zoom EX-Z370, Exilim Zoom EX-Z670 Exilim EX-G1, Exilim EX-G1BK, Exilim EX-G1RD Exilim EX-H50, Exilim EX-H50BK, Exilim EX-H50RD, Exilim EX-H50WE Exilim EX-JE10, Exilim EX-JE10BK, Exilim EX-JE10PK, Exilim EX-JE10WE Exilim EX-N1, Exilim EX-N1BE, Exilim EX-N1BK, Exilim EX-N1PK, Exilim EX-N1RD, Exilim EX-N1WE Exilim EX-N2, Exilim EX-N2BK, Exilim EX-N2RD Exilim EX-N5, Exilim EX-N5BE, Exilim EX-N5BK, Exilim EX-N5BN, Exilim EX-N5PK, Exilim EX-N5RD, Exilim EX-N5SR, Exilim EX-N5WE Exilim EX-N10, Exilim EX-N10BK, Exilim EX-N10GD, Exilim EX-N10VP Exilim EX-N20, Exilim EX-N20BE, Exilim EX-N20BN, Exilim EX-N20RD Exilim EX-N50, Exilim EX-N50BE Exilim EX-S5, Exilim EX-S5PK, Exilim EX-S5SR Exilim EX-S6BE, Exilim EX-S6BK, Exilim EX-S6PK, Exilim EX-S6SR Exilim EX-S7BK, Exilim EX-S7PE Exilim EX-S8, Exilim EX-S8BE, Exilim EX-S8BK, Exilim EX-S8PE, Exilim EX-S8PK, Exilim EX-S8SR Exilim EX-Z550, Exilim EX-Z550BE, Exilim EX-Z550BK, Exilim EX-Z550PK, Exilim EX-Z550RD, Exilim EX-Z550SR Exilim EX-Z33BE, Exilim EX-Z33BK, Exilim EX-Z33PK, Exilim EX-Z33SR, Exilim EX-Z33VP Exilim EX-Z35, Exilim EX-Z35BE, Exilim EX-Z35BK, Exilim EX-Z35PE, Exilim EX-Z35PK, Exilim EX-Z35SR Exilim EX-Z800, Exilim EX-Z800BE, Exilim EX-Z800BK, Exilim EX-Z800PK, Exilim EX-Z800SR, Exilim EX-Z800VP, Exilim EX-Z800YW Exilim EX-Z28, Exilim EX-Z280, Exilim EX-Z280SR, Exilim EX-Z28BK, Exilim EX-Z28PK, Exilim EX-Z28SR Exilim EX-ZS100, Exilim EX-ZS100BK, Exilim EX-ZS100RD, Exilim EX-ZS100SR Exilim EX-ZS150, Exilim EX-ZS150BK, Exilim EX-ZS150GD, Exilim EX-ZS150GN, Exilim EX-ZS150VP Exilim EX-ZS5, Exilim EX-ZS5BK, Exilim EX-ZS5EO, Exilim EX-ZS5PK, Exilim EX-ZS5SR Exilim EX-ZS6, Exilim EX-ZS6BK, Exilim EX-ZS6PK, Exilim EX-ZS6RD, Exilim EX-ZS6SR Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-H5, Exilim Hi-ZOOM EX-H5BK, Exilim Hi-ZOOM EX-H5RD, Exilim Hi-ZOOM EX-H5SR Exilim QV-R100, Exilim QV-R100BK, Exilim QV-R100RD, Exilim QV-R100SR Exilim QV-R200, Exilim QV-R200BK, Exilim QV-R200PE, Exilim QV-R200SR, Exilim QV-R200WE EXILIM QV-R300, EXILIM QV-R300BK, EXILIM QV-R300PK, EXILIM QV-R300RD, EXILIM QV-R300SR Exilim ZOOM EX-Z16, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z16BK, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z16PK, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z16RD, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z16SR Exilim ZOOM EX-Z37, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z37BK, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z37PE, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z37PK, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z37RD, Exilim ZOOM EX-Z37SR

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Voltage: 3.7V
◆ Capacity: 700mAh
◆ Battery Type: Lithium-ion / Li-ion
◆ Dimensions: 39.35 x 31.10 x 5.90 mm

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 August, 2018.

700mAh Replacement battery for Casio NP-80 NP-82 NP-82DBA Exilim EX-H60 EX-H60BK EX-H60RD EX-H60WE