10400mAh 8 cells Replacement Laptop Battery for HP HSTNN-UB37 HSTNN-UB41 HSTNN-XB37

Price: £36.59

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! 7.4V (Compatible with 7.2V) 10400mAh replacement/equivalent Rechargeable Li-ion battery is 100% compatible with HP HSTNN-UB37 HSTNN-UB41 HSTNN-XB37, Brand new, one year warranty!

Replaces the following HP battery part numbers:

Compatible with the following HP Laptop models:
TouchSmart tx2,
TouchSmart tx2-1300et,
TouchSmart tx2z-1000 CTO

Pavilion tx Series
Pavilion tx1000, Pavilion tx1000Z, Pavilion tx1001AU,
Pavilion tx1001XX, Pavilion tx1002AU, Pavilion tx1002XX,
Pavilion tx1004AU, Pavilion tx1005AU, Pavilion tx1006AU,
Pavilion tx1007AU, Pavilion tx1008AU, Pavilion tx1009AU,
Pavilion tx1010AU, Pavilion tx1011AU, Pavilion tx1012AU,
Pavilion tx1013AU, Pavilion tx1014AU, Pavilion tx1015AU,
Pavilion tx1016AU, Pavilion tx1017AU, Pavilion tx1019AU,
Pavilion tx1020AU, Pavilion tx1020EA, Pavilion tx1021AU,
Pavilion tx1030EA, Pavilion tx1030LA, Pavilion tx1040EA,
Pavilion tx1070br, Pavilion tx1080EA, Pavilion tx1100,
Pavilion tx1101AU, Pavilion tx1102AU, Pavilion tx1103AU,
Pavilion tx1104AU, Pavilion tx1105AU, Pavilion tx1106AU,
Pavilion tx1107AU, Pavilion tx1110CA, Pavilion tx1110US,
Pavilion tx1113CL, Pavilion tx1115NR, Pavilion tx1119US,
Pavilion tx1120US, Pavilion tx1125EA, Pavilion tx1126EA,
Pavilion tx1127CL, Pavilion tx1127EA, Pavilion tx1128EA,
Pavilion tx1129EA, Pavilion tx1137EA, Pavilion tx1138EA,
Pavilion tx1140EA, Pavilion tx1150EA, Pavilion tx1151EA,
Pavilion tx1200, Pavilion tx1201au, Pavilion tx1202au,
Pavilion tx1203au, Pavilion tx1204au, Pavilion tx1205/CT,
Pavilion tx1205au, Pavilion tx1205us, Pavilion tx1206au,
Pavilion tx1207au, Pavilion tx1208au, Pavilion tx1208ca,
Pavilion tx1209au, Pavilion tx1210au, Pavilion tx1210ca,
Pavilion tx1210us, Pavilion tx1211au, Pavilion tx1212au,
Pavilion tx1213au, Pavilion tx1214au, Pavilion tx1215au,
Pavilion tx1215nr, Pavilion tx1216au, Pavilion tx1217au,
Pavilion tx1217cl, Pavilion tx1218au, Pavilion tx1218ca,
Pavilion tx1219au, Pavilion tx1219us, Pavilion tx1220au,
Pavilion tx1220ca, Pavilion tx1220us, Pavilion tx1221au,
Pavilion tx1222au, Pavilion tx1223au, Pavilion tx1224au,
Pavilion tx1225au, Pavilion tx1226au, Pavilion tx1228ca,
Pavilion tx1230la, Pavilion tx1232la, Pavilion tx1240ef,
Pavilion tx1240er, Pavilion tx1250ea, Pavilion tx1250ee,
Pavilion tx1250eg, Pavilion tx1250el, Pavilion tx1250en,
Pavilion tx1250eo, Pavilion tx1250es, Pavilion tx1250et,
Pavilion tx12560ea,Pavilion tx1270ed, Pavilion tx1270eo,
Pavilion tx1270ep, Pavilion tx1270es, Pavilion tx1280er,
Pavilion tx1300, Pavilion tx1301au, Pavilion tx1302au,
Pavilion tx1303au, Pavilion tx1304au, Pavilion tx1304ca,
Pavilion tx1305au, Pavilion tx1305ca, Pavilion tx1305us,
Pavilion tx1306au, Pavilion tx1306nr, Pavilion tx1307au,
Pavilion tx1308au, Pavilion tx1308ca, Pavilion tx1308nr,
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Pavilion tx1314ca, Pavilion tx1315au, Pavilion tx1316au,
Pavilion tx1317au, Pavilion tx1318au, Pavilion tx1318ca,
Pavilion tx1319au, Pavilion tx1320au, Pavilion tx1320ca,
Pavilion tx1320eg, Pavilion tx1320eo, Pavilion tx1320er,
Pavilion tx1320es, Pavilion tx1320us, Pavilion tx1321au,
Pavilion tx1325ep, Pavilion tx1325es, Pavilion tx1325nr,
Pavilion tx1327cl, Pavilion tx1330es, Pavilion tx1330la,
Pavilion tx1332la, Pavilion tx1340ea, Pavilion tx1340es,
Pavilion tx1345eo, Pavilion tx1350ed, Pavilion tx1350ee,
Pavilion tx1350ef, Pavilion tx1350el, Pavilion tx1350en,
Pavilion tx1350er, Pavilion tx1350et, Pavilion tx1360er,
Pavilion tx1390ef, Pavilion tx1400, Pavilion tx1401au,
Pavilion tx1402au, Pavilion tx1403au, Pavilion tx1404au,
Pavilion tx1410us, Pavilion tx1414ca, Pavilion tx1416ca,
Pavilion tx1417cl, Pavilion tx1418ca, Pavilion tx1419nr,
Pavilion tx1420ca, Pavilion tx1420us, Pavilion tx1499us,
Pavilion tx2000, Pavilion tx2000ed, Pavilion tx2000ep,
Pavilion tx2000es, Pavilion tx2000z, Pavilion tx2001au,
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Pavilion tx2670eo, Pavilion tx2675ee, Pavilion tx2690eo

TouchSmart tx2-1000 Series
TouchSmart tx2-1000, TouchSmart tx2-1001au, TouchSmart tx2-1002au,
TouchSmart tx2-1003au, TouchSmart tx2-1004au, TouchSmart tx2-1005au,
TouchSmart tx2-1007au, TouchSmart tx2-1008au, TouchSmart tx2-1009au,
TouchSmart tx2-1010au, TouchSmart tx2-1010ea, TouchSmart tx2-1010et,
TouchSmart tx2-1011au, TouchSmart tx2-1012au, TouchSmart tx2-1012nr,
TouchSmart tx2-1013au, TouchSmart tx2-1015au, TouchSmart tx2-1015ea,
TouchSmart tx2-1016au, TouchSmart tx2-1017au, TouchSmart tx2-1018au,
TouchSmart tx2-1019au, TouchSmart tx2-1020au, TouchSmart tx2-1020ca,
TouchSmart tx2-1020ea, TouchSmart tx2-1020us, TouchSmart tx2-1022au,
TouchSmart tx2-1024ca, TouchSmart tx2-1025dx, TouchSmart tx2-1027ca,
TouchSmart tx2-1030cm, TouchSmart tx2-1031cm, TouchSmart tx2-1032cm,
TouchSmart tx2-1035ee, TouchSmart tx2-1035ei, TouchSmart tx2-1040br,
TouchSmart tx2-1050ed, TouchSmart tx2-1050ef, TouchSmart tx2-1050ej,
TouchSmart tx2-1050el, TouchSmart tx2-1050eo, TouchSmart tx2-1050ep,
TouchSmart tx2-1050es, TouchSmart tx2-1050ew, TouchSmart tx2-1051xx,
TouchSmart tx2-1055ee, TouchSmart tx2-1070br, TouchSmart tx2-1075ee,
TouchSmart tx2-1080la, TouchSmart tx2-1099eg

TouchSmart tx2-1100 Series
TouchSmart tx2-1100, TouchSmart tx2-1101au, TouchSmart tx2-1101et,
TouchSmart tx2-1102au, TouchSmart tx2-1103au, TouchSmart tx2-1104au,
TouchSmart tx2-1105au, TouchSmart tx2-1105ee, TouchSmart tx2-1105ei,
TouchSmart tx2-1106au, TouchSmart tx2-1107au, TouchSmart tx2-1108au,
TouchSmart tx2-1109au, TouchSmart tx2-1110au, TouchSmart tx2-1111au,
TouchSmart tx2-1115au, TouchSmart tx2-1115ee, TouchSmart tx2-1116au,
TouchSmart tx2-1118au, TouchSmart tx2-1119au, TouchSmart tx2-1120au,
TouchSmart tx2-1121au, TouchSmart tx2-1122au, TouchSmart tx2-1123au,
TouchSmart tx2-1125ee, TouchSmart tx2-1150ed, TouchSmart tx2-1150ef,
TouchSmart tx2-1150eg, TouchSmart tx2-1150ep, TouchSmart tx2-1150es,
TouchSmart tx2-1160ea, TouchSmart tx2-1160eo, TouchSmart tx2-1165ea

TouchSmart tx2-1200 Series
TouchSmart tx2-1200eg, TouchSmart tx2-1200eo, TouchSmart tx2-1201au,
TouchSmart tx2-1204au, TouchSmart tx2-1205au, TouchSmart tx2-1206au,
TouchSmart tx2-1207au, TouchSmart tx2-1208au, TouchSmart tx2-1209au,
TouchSmart tx2-1210au, TouchSmart tx2-1210er, TouchSmart tx2-1211au,
TouchSmart tx2-1212au, TouchSmart tx2-1216au, TouchSmart tx2-1224ca,
TouchSmart tx2-1230es, TouchSmart tx2-1244ca, TouchSmart tx2-1250ea,
TouchSmart tx2-1250ed, TouchSmart tx2-1250ee, TouchSmart tx2-1250ef,
TouchSmart tx2-1250es, TouchSmart tx2-1250et, TouchSmart tx2-1270us,
TouchSmart tx2-1274nr, TouchSmart tx2-1275dx, TouchSmart tx2-1277nr

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Voltage: 7.4V (Compatible with 7.2V)
◆ Capacity: 10400mAh
◆ Dimension: 171.00 x 70.00 x 21.00 mm
◆ Battery Composition: Li-ion
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ No memory effect, Over-charge protection, Short-circuit protection.

If your battery part NO. or your machine model NO. are not listed in the description, our battery may still fit your laptop. Therefore, please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 12 November, 2018.

10400mAh Replacement battery for HP HSTNN-UB37, HSTNN-UB41, HSTNN-XB37