Replacement battery for Samsung SB-LSM80 SBLSM80 HMX-S16XSH VM-DC160 VM-DC560 VM-DC560K

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This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! Our SB-LSM80 SBLSM80 Replacement battery for Samsung HMX-S16XSH VM-DC160 VM-DC560 VM-DC560K Camcorder is designed and tested for high performance and safety.

Replaces the following Samsung battery model:

Compatible with Camcorder models:
SAMSUNG HMX-S16XSH, VM-DC160, VM-DC560, VM-DC560K, SC-D173(U), SC-D263, SC-D351, SC-D353, SC-D362, SC-D363, SC-D364, SC-D365, SC-D366, SC-D371, SC-D372, SC-D375(H), SC-D453, SC-D455, SC-D963, SC-D965, SC-D975 SC-DC163, SC-DC164, SC-DC165, SC-DC171, SC-DC175, SC-DC563, SC-DC564, SC-DC565, SC-DC575 VP-D351, VP-D351I, VP-D352, VP-D352I, VP-D353, VP-D353I, VP-D354, VP-D354I, VP-D355, VP-D355I, VP-D361, VP-D361i, VP-D361W, VP-D361Wi, VP-D362, VP-D362i, VP-D363, VP-D363i, VP-D364W, VP-D364Wi, VP-D365Wi, VP-D371, VP-D371W, VP-D372WH, VP-D375W, VP-D451, VP-D453, VP-D453I, VP-D454, VP-D455, VP-D455I, VP-D461Bi, VP-D463Bi, VP-D467i, VP-D563, VP-D651, VP-D653, VP-D655, VP-D963, VP-D963i, VP-D964W, VP-D964Wi, VP-D965i, VP-D965W, VP-D965Wi VP-DC161, VP-DC161i, VP-DC161W, VP-DC161WB, VP-DC161WBi, VP-DC161Wi, VP-DC163, VP-DC163i, VP-DC165W, VP-DC165WB, VP-DC165WBi, VP-DC165Wi, VP-DC171(i), VP-DC171Bi, VP-DC171W, VP-DC171WB, VP-DC171Wi, VP-DC172W, VP-DC173(i), VP-DC175WB, VP-DC175W(i), VP-DC563, VP-DC563i, VP-DC565WBi, VP-DC565Wi, VP-DC575WB, VP-DC575Wi

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Voltage: 7.40V
◆ Capacity: 800mAh
◆ Battery Type: Lithium-ion / Li-ion
◆ Dimensions: 53.73 x 30.80 x 16.40 mm

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 August, 2018.

800mAh Replacement battery for Samsung SB-LSM80 SBLSM80 HMX-S16XSH VM-DC160 VM-DC560 VM-DC560K