3.70V 1200mAh Replacement battery for Olympus D-630 D-720 D-725 D-730 FE-150 Zoom FE-160

Price: £15.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! 3.70V 1200mAh replacement/equivalent Rechargeable Li-ion battery is 100% compatible with Olympus D-630 D-720 D-725 D-730 FE-150 Zoom FE-160, Brand new, one year warranty!

Replaces the following Olympus battery part numbers:
LI-42B, Li-40B

Compatible with the following Olympus models:
Camedia X-600,

D Series
D-630 Zoom, D-720, D-725, D-730

FE Series
FE-150, FE-150 Zoom, FE-160, FE-190, FE-20,
FE-220, FE-220D, FE-230, FE-240, FE-250,
FE-280, FE-290, FE-300, FE-3000, FE-3010,
FE-320, FE-330, FE-340, FE-350, FE-350 Grand Angle,
FE-350 Wide, FE-360, FE-4000, FE-4010, FE-4030,
FE-4050, FE-5000, FE-5010, FE-5020, FE-5030,
FE-5035, FE-5050, FE-5500

Stylus Series
Stylus 1200, Stylus 5010, Stylus 7010,
Stylus 7030, Stylus 7040, Stylus 710 Digital,
Stylus 720SW, Stylus 730, Stylus 740,
Stylus 750, Stylus 760, Stylus 770SW,
Stylus 780, Stylus 790SW, Stylus 820,
Stylus 830, Stylus 840, Stylus 850SW,
Stylus-550WP, Stylus-7000

TG Series
TG-310, TG-320

Tough Series
Tough 725SW, Tough 770SW

VR Series
VR-310, VR-320, VR-325, VR-330

X Series
X-785, X-790, X-795, X-800, X-905,
X-915, X-920, X-935, X-960, X-970

u Series
u 1040, u 1050 SW, u 1060, u 1200, u 5000,
u 60, u 700, u 7000, u 7010, u 720 SW,
u 725 SW, u 730, u 740, u 750, u 760,
u 770 SW, u 780, u 790 SW, u 795 SW, u 820,
u 830, u 840, u 850 SW, u Tough-3000, u-5010,
u-550WP, u-7020, u-7030, u-7040, u-7050

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Voltage: 3.70V
◆ Capacity: 1200mAh
◆ Battery Type: Lithium-ion / Li-ion
◆ Use Integrated Japanese microchip which can prevent the overcharge and overdischarge.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 April, 2019.

1200mAh Replacement Camera battery for Olympus D-630 D-720 D-725 D-730 FE-150 Zoom FE-160