Replacement Battery Charger for Olympus Li-10B Li-12B Li-10C Li-12C FE-200 IR-500

Price: £16.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! This replacement/equivalent Battery Charger is designed to power up Olympus Li-10B Li-12B Li-10C Li-12C FE-200 IR-500 battery, Brand new, one year warranty!

Compatible with battery models:
Li-10B, Li-12B

Compatible with charger models:
Li-10C, Li-12C

Compatible with the following Olympus models:

Camedia Series
Camedia C-50 Zoom, Camedia C-60 Zoom,
Camedia C-70 Zoom, Camedia C-470 Zoom,
Camedia C-760 Ultra Zoom, Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom,
Camedia C-770 Ultra Zoom, Camedia C-5000 Zoom,
Camedia C-7000 Zoom, Camedia D-590 Zoom,
Camedia X-1, Camedia X-2, Camedia X-3, Camedia X-500

Stylus Series
Stylus 1000, Stylus 300 Digital, Stylus 400 Digital,
Stylus 410 Digital, Stylus 500, Stylus 500 Digital,
Stylus 600 Digital, Stylus 800, Stylus 800 Digital,
Stylus 810, Stylus C-50

u Series
u 1000, u-10 Digital, u-15 Digital,
u-20 Digital, u-25 Digital, u-300 Digital,
u-30 Digital, u-400 Digital, u-40 Digital,
u-410, u-410 Digital, u 600,
u 800, u 810, u Digital 500,
u Digital 600, u Digital 800, u-Ferrari

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Fast and safe charging of the battery with Charging indicator.
◆ CE certified and UL listed
◆ Smart LED indicator shows charging status (Red: Charging, Green: Fully Charged).
◆ Fast charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 April, 2019.

Replacement Battery Charger for Olympus Li-10B Li-12B Li-10C Li-12C FE-200 IR-500