Replacement Battery Charger for Panasonic CGR-D53A/1K VW-VBD21 VW-VBD22

Price: £16.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! This replacement/equivalent Battery Charger is designed to power up Panasonic CGR-D53A/1K VW-VBD21 VW-VBD22 battery, Brand new, one year warranty!

Compatible with Panasonic Camera/camcorder models:
Panasonic AJ-PCS060G(Portable Hard Disk Unit), DZ-MX5000, VDR-M10, VDR-M20 Panasonic AG Series AG-DV1DC, AG-DVC15, AG-DVC180A, AG-DVC30, AG-DVC30E, AG-DVC32, AG-DVC33, AG-DVC60, AG-DVC60E, AG-DVC62, AG-DVC63, AG-DVC7, AG-DVC80, AG-DVX100, AG-DVX1000, AG-DVX100A, AG-DVX100AE, AG-DVX100AP, AG-DVX100B, AG-DVX100BE, AG-DVX100BP, AG-DVX100E, AG-DVX102A, AG-DVX102B, AG-EZ50U, AG-HVX200, AG-HVX200P Panasonic HDC-Z Series HDC-Z10000, HDC-Z10000GK, HDC-Z10000P Panasonic Lumix Series Lumix DMC-L1, Lumix DMC-L1K, Lumix DMC-L1KEB-K, Lumix DMC-L1KEG-K, Lumix DMC-LC1, Lumix DMC-LC1B, Lumix DMC-LC1EG-K, Lumix DMC-LC40, Lumix DMC-LC40A-K, Lumix DMC-LC40B, Lumix DMC-LC40D, Lumix DMC-LC40K, Lumix DMC-LC40S, Lumix DMC-LC5, Lumix DMC-LC5A-K, Lumix DMC-LC5A-S, Lumix DMC-LC5B, Lumix DMC-LC5K, Lumix DMC-LC5S Panasonic NV Series NV-C1, NV-C2, NV-C3, NV-C5, NV-C7, NV-D89, NV-DA1, NV-DA1B, NV-DA1EG, NV-DA1EN, NV-DA1ENA, NV-DB1, NV-DS11, NV-DS11EN, NV-DS11ENA, NV-DS11ENC, NV-DS12, NV-DS12B, NV-DS12EG, NV-DS15, NV-DS150, NV-DS150B, NV-DS15A, NV-DS15B, NV-DS15EG, NV-DS15EN, NV-DS15ENC, NV-DS200, NV-DS25, NV-DS25A, NV-DS25EG, NV-DS25EN, NV-DS27, NV-DS27B, NV-DS28, NV-DS28A, NV-DS28B, NV-DS29, NV-DS29EG, NV-DS3, NV-DS30, NV-DS30A, NV-DS30EG, NV-DS33, NV-DS33EN, NV-DS35, NV-DS37, NV-DS37B, NV-DS38, NV-DS38A, NV-DS38B, NV-DS38EG, NV-DS50, NV-DS50A, NV-DS55, NV-DS60, NV-DS60A, NV-DS60EG, NV-DS60EG-S, NV-DS65, NV-DS65A, NV-DS65A-S, NV-DS65B, NV-DS65EG, NV-DS68, NV-DS68EG, NV-DS7, NV-DS77, NV-DS77B, NV-DS77EG, NV-DS77EN, NV-DS77ENA, NV-DS7/NW, NV-DS8, NV-DS80K, NV-DS88, NV-DS88A, NV-DS88EG, NV-DS88K, NV-DS89, NV-DS89EG, NV-DS8EG, NV-DS9, NV-DS99, NV-DS990, NV-DS990EG, NV-DS99EN, NV-DS99ENA, NV-EX1, NV-EX1B, NV-EX1EG, NV-EX1EN, NV-EX1ENA, NV-EX21, NV-EX21A, NV-EX21EG, NV-EX3, NV-EX3EG, NV-GS1, NV-GS11, NV-GS15, NV-GS15EB, NV-GS15GC-S, NV-GS1B, NV-GS1EG, NV-GS3, NV-GS33, NV-GS3B, NV-GS3EG, NV-GS4, NV-GS4B, NV-GS4EG, NV-GS5, NV-GS5B, NV-GS5EG, NV-GS5K, NV-GS7K, NV-GX7, NV-GX7EG, NV-GX7K, NV-M20, NV-MD9000, NV-MG3, NV-MX1, NV-MX1000, NV-MX1B, NV-MX2, NV-MX2000, NV-MX2500, NV-MX2B, NV-MX2EG, NV-MX300, NV-MX3000, NV-MX300A, NV-MX300EG, NV-MX300EN, NV-MX340, NV-MX350, NV-MX350A, NV-MX350B, NV-MX350EG, NV-MX350EN, NV-MX3A, NV-MX3EN, NV-MX5, NV-MX500, NV-MX5000, NV-MX500B, NV-MX500EG, NV-MX500EN, NV-MX5B, NV-MX7, NV-MX7A, NV-MX7B, NV-MX7DEN, NV-MX8, NV-MX8B, NV-RX33EG, NV-RX66EG Panasonic PV Series PV-BP8, PV-D401, PV-DBP8, PV-DBP8A, PV-DC152, PV-DC252, PV-DC352, PV-DV100, PV-DV100K, PV-DV101, PV-DV102, PV-DV103, PV-DV121, PV-DV151, PV-DV200, PV-DV200K, PV-DV201, PV-DV201-K, PV-DV202, PV-DV203, PV-DV221, PV-DV351, PV-DV400, PV-DV400K, PV-DV401, PV-DV402, PV-DV51, PV-DV52, PV-DV53, PV-DV600, PV-DV600K, PV-DV601, PV-DV601D, PV-DV602, PV-DV700, PV-DV701, PV-DV702, PV-DV702K, PV-DV73, PV-DV800, PV-DV800K, PV-DV801, PV-DV851, PV-DV851D, PV-DV852, PV-DV900, PV-DV901, PV-DV910, PV-DV951, PV-DV952, PV-DV953, PV-DVP8-A, PV-GS11, PV-GS12, PV-GS13, PV-GS14, PV-GS15, PV-GS2, PV-GS9, PV-VM202

Compatible with battery models:

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Universal voltage input: 110v-240v
◆ CE certified and UL listed
◆ Charger indication Green lights for standby, Red is for charging. Which can prevent the overcharge and overdischarge.
◆ Fast charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.
◆ The charger is for charging your battery only. It does not work as AC adapter for your digital camera or camcorder.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 September, 2018.

Replacement Battery Charger for Panasonic CGR-D53A/1K, VW-VBD21, VW-VBD22