Replacement AC Power Adapter Charger for Dell Inspiron 6000 6000D 6400 PP12L 65W

Price: £14.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! Replacement 19.5V 3.34A 65W AC Power Adapter Charger fit for Dell Inspiron 6000 6000D 6400 PP12L, Brand new, one year warranty!

Compatible part numbers:
0928G4, 0TJ76K, 0N6M8J, 0RGFH0, 06TM1C, 01XRN1, 09RN2C, 0JV1HP, 0TR82J, 00V0KR,HA65NS5-00
PA-12 , PA12 Family , K9TGR , KT2MG , FA065LS1-01 , LA65NS2-00 , PA-2E , TN800,LA65NM130 , HA65NM130 , HK65NM130 , 6TFFF , 06TFFF , 1XRN1 ,6TM1C , JNKWD ,06TM1C
PA-21, PA21 ,PA-21 Family, ADP-65AH B, DA65NS4-00, HR763,0HR763, LA65NS1-00,LA65NS2-00,LA65NS2-01,HA65NS5-00,LA90PS0-00, DA90PE1-00, FA90PE1-00,NX061,
PA-1650-02D2,PA-1650-02DW, PA-1650-020W ,PA-1650-05D,PA-1650-05D2 ,PA-1900-02D ,XK850, 0XK850, YR719, YR733, 0YR733, PP41L, PP42L,HH44H ,310-2860,310-3149,
310-4408,310-7251,310-7696,310-7697,310-7866,310-8363,310-8941,310-9048,310-9050,310-9249,310-9438,310-9439,330-4113,331-5968 ,332-1833 ,LA90PM111. 0V0KR
PC531,XD733,XD8020MF69 24DRM 312-1387 312-1392 312-1433 49VTP 4WY7C 68DTP 6HY59 6KP1N 6XH00 8RT13 9K1VP DJ9W6 FW1MN G35K4 MK1R0 MR90Y PVJ7J T1G4M V1YJ7 VR7HM W6XNM X29KD XRDW2 YGMTN V8VNT 312-1390 8TT5W XCMRD 4DMNG G019Y 6K73M N121Y 9T215, NADP-90KB,310-2860, 310-3149, 310-4408, 1X917, AA22850, PA-1650-05D, 5U092, T2357(PA-12 PA12 family)

Compatible Dell Laptop Models:
For Inspiron 6000, 6000D, 6400, PP12L

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz
◆ Output voltage: 19.5V ~ 3.34A, 65W
◆ Size of connector: 7.4X5.0mm
◆ Color: Black
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!

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Replacement 65W AC Power Adapter Charger for Dell Inspiron 6000 6000D 6400 PP12L