Replacement Power Tools battery for Makita 194065-3 JT6226 LGG1230 3000mAh

Price: £21.99

This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible! 14.40V 3000mAh replacement Power Tools battery for Makita 194065-3 JT6226 LGG1230, It is easy to use, convenient to carry with, A great assistant for electric tools.

Replaces the following Makita battery model:
194065-3, JT6226, LGG1230

Compatible with Power Tools models:
MAKITA BBO140, BJN160, BJR141Z, CF201DZW, DA340DRF, FS440D, GA400D, HP440DRFX, HR162DRFXW, LXLM03, LXPH02, LXRM01, LXRU01, ML145, MR050, TL060DRF, TS130DRFX BCF050, BCF201ZW BCL140, BCL140Z, BCL142, BCL142ZW BDA340, BDA340RFE, BDA340Z, BDA341, BDA341RFE, BDA341Z BDF343, BDF343RHEX, BDF343SHE, BDF343Z, BDF440, BDF440SFE, BDF440Z, BDF441, BDF441RFE, BDF441SFE, BDF441Z, BDF442, BDF442RFE, BDF442Z, BDF444RFE, BDF444Z, BDF446RFE, BDF446Z, BDF448 BFL201RZ, BFL301RZ, BFL402RZ BFR440, BFR440RFE, BFR440SFE, BFR540, BFR540L, BFR540RFE, BFR540Z BFS440, BFS440RFE, BFS441RFE, BFS441Z BFT041RZ, BFT082RZ, BFT124RZ BGA450RFE, BGA450Z BHP343Z, BHP440, BHP440SFE, BHP440Z, BHP441, BHP441RFE, BHP441SFE, BHP441Z, BHP442, BHP442RFE, BHP444RFE, BHP444Z, BHP446RFE, BHP446Z , BHP448 BHR162, BHR162RFE, BHR162SFE, BHR162Z BJV140, BJV140RF, BJV140RFE, BJV140Z BML145, BML184, BML800, BML801, BML802 BMR050, BMR100 BPT350RFE, BPT350Z BSS500RFE, BSS500Z BST110RFE, BST220RFE BTD130F, BTD130FRFE, BTD130FSFE, BTD130FSFER, BTD130FSFEW, BTD130FW, BTD130FZ, BTD130SFE, BTD132RFE, BTD133RFE, BTD133Z, BTD134D, BTD134RFE, BTD134Z, BTD135, BTD135Z, BTD136 BTL060RFE, BTL060Z BTP130, BTP130RFE, BTP130SFE, BTP130Z, BTP131, BTP131Z BTS130, BTS130RFE, BTS130SFE, BTS130Z BTW152, BTW152Z, BTW250, BTW250RFE, BTW250Z BVR340, BVR440 BUC121, BUC121RFE, BVC340, BVC340Z DF440DRFX, DF440DRFXW KP140DRF, KP140DZ LXDT03, LXDT03Z MUH301DRF, MUH301DZ, MUH351D, MUH351DRF, MUH351DZ MUS103D, MUS153D ST120D, ST420D TD130D, TD130DRFX, TD130DRFXR, TD130DRFXW, TD130DZ, TD131D, TD131DRFX, TD131DRFXR, TD131DRFXW, TD131DZ, TD132D, TD132DRFX, TD132DRFXB, TD132DRFXW, TD132DZ, TD133DRFX, TD133DRFXB, TD133DRFXL, TD133DRFXP, TD133DRFXW, TD134DRFX, TD134DRFXB, TD134DRFXL, TD134DRFXP, TD134DRFXW TP130DRFX, TP131DB, TP131DRFX, TP131DRFXB, TP131DZ TW152D, TW152DRFX, TW152DZ UB142D, UB143D UC121D, UC121DRF VR340D, VR440D

◆ Product type: generic/equivalent
◆ Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
◆ Voltage: 14.40V
◆ Capacity: 3000mAh
◆ Battery Type: Li-ion
◆ Dimension: 97.64 x 73.41 x 64.82 mm

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 30 August, 2018.

3000mAh Replacement Power Tools battery for Makita 194065-3, JT6226, LGG1230